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Francisco Leitão, 339, Ed. Stanford, 51, Pinheiros, São Paulo/SP — 05414-025


Innovate with Sábios and get performance for your organization.

US$5 per access* per user. Customization of immersive experiences and IoT integrations budgeted on demand.

  • Unlimited access to immersive experiences.
  • Detailed dashboards of the immersion performance in the experiences.
  • Gaps indicators in organizational culture, skills, and behaviors of users.
  • Responsive immersion in different devices (mobile, weCog and PC).
  • Use of different gamification dynamics.
  • Application of VR and AR technologies for more enganging immersions.
  • Recommendation for adapted learning trails to eliminate gaps.

* Access to Sábios is billed monthly according to singular usage. The number of different users who accessed at least once in a month, it will be counted (if one user accesses more than once in a month, one only access will be counted.)

Extend your journey with Sábios.